Breaking the Caravan Myth

Caravans are only for retirees; caravans are tiny, bulky, ugly, uncomfortable. Heard these myths? New Age Caravans are here to break them!

The Caravanning industry, according to statistics from the RVMAA, is showing record year to year growth and the highest manufacturing numbers in over 30 years. The number of caravans being built per year is only set to grow with figures from Roy Morgan indicating that up to 78,000 people are interested in buying a caravan within the next year. In 2010 only 21,150 caravans were made indicating the rising growth of Interest in the Industry.


This huge growth is indicative of Australians recognising the benefits of investing longer term in their holidays and the freedom of choice that caravanning provides.

This growth is also attributed to the rise in the number of younger families entering the market by purchasing affordable entry level caravans such as the New Age Wallaby pop top. Couples and young families are recognising the many benefits attributed with a caravanning lifestyle and the time it affords them. A large segment of the industry is actually 30-49 year olds who take shorter and more frequent holidays.

With caravans to suit all budgets and needs the public will continue to invest with the knowledge that their investment will have minimal depreciation and great resell value. This only adds to the popularity of caravans.


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