We have collected a few of our most important tips around how you can keep an eye on your caravan to help prevent any major damage. As we always say, it is important to have an expert look over your caravan before any major adventure. But there are parts of the can you can always double check on weekly or daily basis if you are travelling frequently.

  1. Tow bar and couplings: on both the vehicle and van. Check the connections, check for any damage.
  2. Brakes: sounds silly, right, but checking for any rocks or visible damage may save you down the track.
  3. Wheel bearings: while you check brakes, look at the wheel bearings. Are they damp? Any signs of damage?
  4. Lights and reflectors: so important that the van’s indicators, brake and reflectors are clean and working.
  5. Wire ring: we want the caravan to be part of your family for years. If you aren’t sure about the wire ring, give our service and parts team a call.

Please remember, these are just brief tips for you, an expert review of your van is a must on a regular basis.


  1. It’s good that you point out that it’s important to check your wheel bearings to see if they’re damaged or damp. My husband and I have a caravan that we love to use, but there’s something wrong with it right now. It might be the wheel bearings, but I don’t know. We’ll have to find someone who could service the caravan for us and maybe help us figure out a maintenance schedule.

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